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What is Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxing involves the removal of all or some of the pubic hair, including the hair from the bottom. Some people prefer all the pubic hair removed and others prefer to leave an individually determined strip or triangle on the pubic bone at the front.

How is it done?
The area to be waxed is exposed, we clipper the hair if necessary and then clean and disinfect the area. A warm wax, intended exclusively for the most sensitive areas, is applied in manageable sections to the area, using a wooden applicator. Small patches of hair are removed, with extreme care. We remove the hair that spreads through the bottom area also. Afterwards we apply a soothing aftercare lotion, which helps to soothe the area and remove any remaining bits of wax. We then give thorough aftercare advice. Our therapist’s skill and knowledge means you can be confident that you are in the best of hands.

How long does the procedure take?
Usually takes from 20-45 minutes, depending on the hair growth and the clients comfort level during the waxing. We allow our Therapists the time to go at the clients pace, to ensure their comfort level is bearable at all times.

When can I expect to have to book again for my next wax?
Most clients will normally book again in around 4-5 weeks time, depending on their hair regrowth rate. Most clients will notice little or no regrowth in the first couple of weeks, and then growth will increase in the third and fourth week. With regular waxing, the time between visits will increase, as the hair growth slows dramatically over time.

Are all the Beauty Therapists at Bee Brazilian qualified?
Yes! Our highly trained beauty professionals have all under-gone a Nationally Accredited waxing course and have also had to go through rigorous training with the Bee Brazilian Owners, to ensure their skill level is up to our very high standards also. All our Therapists are at the forefront of the waxing industry.

How long has Brazilian Waxing been in practise?
Brazilian Waxing has existed in one form or another for centuries. In parts of the East it is tradition for the bride to have all her hair removed before her wedding night. The Australian beauty industry has noticed it increasing in popularity over the last few years. Legend has it, in the early 90’s seven Brazilian sisters arrived in New York with their signature style of waxing and the “Brazilian Wax” was born. In Brazil bikini bottoms are tiny, so it is considered a normal bikini wax.

What do you attribute the new trend of having this procedure done?
Previously Brazilian waxing was a bit of a fashion statement, frequently requested by well-known actresses and models. Once women realised that it was better than shaving, it developed into a mainstream treatment that a majority of women and their partners choose. Women especially like it because it’s a very sleek clean look, making them feel like a Goddess.

What kinds of people are coming in to have Brazilian Waxing?
Everyone! Beauty options should not be classed as a luxury item and geared towards the upper class or to the ladies in particular. Everyone likes to feel beautiful, regardless of who they are. Everyone should experience a Brazilian wax.

What could prevent me from waxing?
We will take extra care when waxing the following clients:
·  Clients taking medications/lotions to help clear skin (e.g. Roaccutane or Retin-A)
·  Clients who have just tanned in the sun or a tanning bed within the last 24 hours
·  Clients who are on antibiotics that contribute to increased skin sensitivity
·  During your period and in the later stages of pregnancy the skin may be more sensitive, as the blood tends to be closer to the surface. If waxing regularly through your pregnancy, you may only notice a slight increase in discomfort, this is normal.

Please Note - Some people have strong hair and sensitive skin, which can make for a painful experience. Others don’t even wince during their wax. On the whole most people are pleasantly surprised to see that it’s really not that bad and the results are well worth the effort.


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